Northeast Debt Collection Expo Offers

First Month Free!

Today more than ever, the debt collection industry faces unparalleled challenges from government regulators and the consumer bar. Your employees ARE the weakest link in the compliance chain. Our systematic and ongoing training and testing program allows you to easily measure and control these issues. 

With no obligation or cost, test up to 15 employees on their mastery of the FDCPA, FCRA, and/or HIPAA and receive detailed test results.*

Implement KnowledgeLink by 10/31/2015 and receive a 100% credit on your first invoice on the monthly billing plan, or choose the discounted annual pre-payment plan and receive an additional one-month discount. Sign up for your next compliance training program today and take advantage of the savings!

(803) 521-0030

*Test offer expires 10/15/2015