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What to Do When Terminating an Employee

If you’ve decided it’s time to part ways with an employee, how do you execute that decision?  For many small employers, this is an issue you’ve rarely faced. Follow these five critical tips to make the termination (and its potential aftermath) go more smoothly. 1. Have All Documents In Order...

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More Recognition Means a Better Employee Experience

Meeting the needs of a multi-generational, digital, and mobile workforce is challenging. Employees expect continuous, instant, and impactful recognition, which reflects the “always on” workplace culture and the “always connected” personal life that they now lead.  But research shows there’s a gap...

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7 Ways to Set Up a New Hire for Success

No one has a bigger impact on new employees’ success than the managers who hired them. Why? Because more than anyone else the hiring manager understands what his or her people need to accomplish and what it will take — skills, resources, connections — for them to become fully effective. Managers...

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