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How the Crisis Will Change the Way We Manage Forever

The implications of the coronavirus pandemic are and will be profound for individuals, organizations, and society at large. One of the casualties few will shed a tear for will be the demise of what can only be described as old-school management practices. In his fabulous video from a few years...

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5 Steps to Take When That Lawsuit Comes Through the Door

Getting sued is irritating and frustrating, to say the least. You literally have, in most cases, 21 days from the time you are served to make many of the most critical decisions about the case. Is there any merit? Do you settle it? If needed, who do you hire for defense counsel? Do you have to...

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Is it Time to Retire the Title of Manager?

In an era of endless disruption, the word feels increasingly dated. Every year, the professional wordsmiths and gatekeepers of various dictionaries announce their lists of new words deemed to be in sufficiently wide use as to warrant their blessing and inclusion. Among Merriam-Webster’s new...

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How Do I Manage Remote Workers?

In last week’s article, I wrote about how automation will come into its own in 2020. We will learn more about the ways automation could make us better managers and how it might affect jobs held by humans like you and me. This week’s topic is an offshoot of the automation/tech theme, and it’s on...

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What to Do When Terminating an Employee

If you’ve decided it’s time to part ways with an employee, how do you execute that decision?  For many small employers, this is an issue you’ve rarely faced. Follow these five critical tips to make the termination (and its potential aftermath) go more smoothly. 1. Have All Documents In Order...

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