Continuous Training Questions – Best Practices

Topics are primarily used as a method of continuous training in KNOWLEDGESOURCE. The following factors are considerations when setting up your continuous training program.


Continuous training questions can help with:

    • Reinforcement of knowledge
    • Rebuilding knowledge
    • Reduction in errors and mistakes
    • Promoting an expectation of quality and compliance
    • Documentation for regulators, for the courts, and for existing and prospective clients


    A continuous training topic is usually a small nugget of information from:

    • Laws and regulations – what is required by federal, state, or local governments
        • Business activity
        • Employment and labor
        • Data security and privacy
      • Policies and procedures – actions and/or behaviors required
          • Business activity
          • Employment and labor
          • Client requirements
          • Company requirements
        • Job knowledge – concepts and skills for job effectiveness

        A topic consists of a question, possible answers, and the underlying knowledge to be reinforced, supporting the correct answer. Include text, images, audio, or links.


        Continuous training questions take very little time to complete, making them non-disruptive to employee productivity. A staff member should be spending just a few minutes a day on these questions.

        • Monday – Friday

        • 2 – 4 questions per day

        A staff member correctly answering a question should only see the question once every 45 – 90 days. A balance between the number of topics to be presented, the schedule, and total topics assigned helps achieve this.

        Many new employees are not able to recall needed information when released into their job function. Consider 15 – 20 questions daily for the first 4 weeks to build on and reinforce knowledge taught in onboarding training. Do this by attaching a customized profile. Make sure the maximum daily topics and incorrect answer re-presentation options are set appropriately.

        Incorrect Answers

        Incorrectly answered topics can indicate a lack of knowledge or understanding. To rebuild knowledge or promote attention to detail, re-present these questions 1 – 3 times during a specified time frame using the incorrect answer re-presentation options. Choose whether these questions present in place of or in addition to other questions.