Creating Training Courses

Create training courses for developing or enhancing employee skills. Courses are one or more training lessons followed by a final test. The final test is used to demonstrate knowledge gained and understanding of the course information. Use courses during onboarding training and afterward to enhance skills and knowledge.

Lessons used in courses are selected from the Lessons content area and the final test from the Tests area. All features and settings of lessons and tests are used when added to a course.

A course is set up within a Category. Categories are created as needed. When creating a new course, select the final test and complete the Number of Pass Attempts setting. A Certificate of Achievement can optionally be added.

After updating the course settings, add lessons to the course. Select a category to select all lessons within the category, or expand the category and select the desired lessons to be used within the course.

Lessons can be videos, slideshows (such as PowerPoint), and audio recordings. A lesson includes test questions. Both lesson tests and final tests have options for:

  • Number of questions to be presented (out of total test questions)
  • Required passing score
  • Allowed pass attempts
  • Timed testing
  • Certificates

After assignment, courses appear on the user’s Learning Dashboard for completion.