Many companies are confronted with the challenge of maintaining fully trained and highly knowledgeable staff members.  Challenges such as employees retaining less than 25% of what is taught in training due to the nature of adult learning, constraints in training time and resources, the volume of information they are expected to learn, or simply just forgetting over time. Peak Revenue Learning's KnowledgeSOURCE is an employee education and compliance training application that helps companies meet and exceed the compliance and quality of service expectations of clients, regulators, and management.


  • Whether it is deploying a company-wide communication or presentation, tracking test scores year over year, or proving policy and procedure acknowledgment during an audit, KnowledgeSOURCE gives the tools to accomplish an incredible amount of work in extremely short order.
    — Jeremy Felder - Chief Compliance Officer, Chase Receivables
  • KnowledgeSOURCE is extremely flexible and allows us to roll out training on agency policies and client policies quickly and easily.
    — Brent D. Rollins - President, Receivable Solutions, Inc.
  • I recommend KnowledgeSOURCE to any agency that is implementing or enhancing its training and compliance processes.
    — Niel Welborn - Vice President, Todd, Bremer & Lawson
  • I highly recommend it to any collection agency that wants to insure compliance with today’s regulations.
    — Frank M. Souto - Executive Director, MedConn Collection Agency
  • The fact the product is so easily customized to our needs has allowed us to add many new subjects and make modifications as compliance regulations and best practices have changed. The on-boarding of new employees is much easier.
    — Dick Williams - Director of Compliance and Development, ARS Collections


What is KnowledgeSOURCE?

KnowledgeSOURCE is a cloud-based employee education, compliance training, and knowledge retention application where you can:

  • Implement a continuous knowledge reinforcement training cycle.

  • Present policies for review, acceptance, and to promote accountability.

  • Enhance employee education programs by easily creating and assigning training content.

  • Create and administer tests to validate knowledge and certify staff.

  • Conduct surveys to gain valuable employee feedback.



How would a continuous knowledge reinforcement training cycle help?

Often employees retain only a fraction of the information presented during training events. Retained knowledge begins dropping off rapidly as soon as employees leave the training environment. As a result companies experience increased risks, consumer complaints, mistakes, and client issues. Causing no disruption, a continuous training cycle will build knowledge by moving information into long-term memory.

  • Build and retain knowledge using 'spaced learning'.

  • Keep staff productive and not in a class room.

  • Provide assurance staff has mastered required knowledge.

  • Lower potential risks.




How does KnowledgeSOURCE work?

A small number of questions are randomly presented to employees on a regular basis. Your company decides how many and on what days. These questions take only a minute or so to process and are selected from a library that includes content from regulations such as the FDCPA and HIPAA, or from collection, client, security, or other categories of policies. You are able to modify or add to the content provided or to create your own. After answering a question, the underlying required knowledge and information that supports the answer to the question is shown. If the employee answers a question incorrectly, KnowledgeSOURCE can optionally re-present the topic at an accelerated schedule you define to rebuild and reinforce this knowledge, (e.g., 3 times in the next 10 days). After completing the presentation of all the assigned training content, the questions will restart the scheduled presentation thereby continuing the reinforcement training cycle.

Policies of any type (client, collection, H.R., security, etc.) can be presented on recurring schedules you designate. The employee confirms they have read and understand the policy. Administer tests during training events to validate knowledge learned or use recurring presentation schedules to certify and document employee knowledge.

Create training materials for your training and development activities using video or slideshow presentations or by forming continuous training cycle question groups from the content library.



KnowledgeSOURCE expertly:

  • Closes knowledge gaps.

  • Promotes accountability.

  • Uncovers training opportunities.

  • Alerts you to potential compliance errors.

  • Demonstrates to clients, prospects, and regulators your company's proactive role in educating employees and preventing compliance non-conformities.



KnowledgeSOURCE will provide management with:

  • Training alerts.

  • Exception reporting.

  • Detailed training records.

  • Training performance and improvement.



What does KnowledgeSOURCE cost and what are the implementation requirements?

KnowledgeSOURCE is cloud-based and requires no hardware or software to be installed. Setup, deployment, and user training is fast and simple. Your company can be benefiting from enhanced compliance and policy training by the following day.

KnowledgeSOURCE costs a few dollars per user per month. Completing a continuous training topic takes an employee a minute or less, minimizing production and client service disruption. The low subscription cost and additional training and testing features, coupled with the ease of deployment and use, make KnowledgeSOURCE extremely cost-effective and an extraordinary value.