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18 Sales KPIs and Metrics to Grow Your Revenue Faster

There are many parts to a high-performing sales organization – the right people, processes and strategy, to start. But today, the underlying backbone of all of it is the right data as a foundation for customer acquisition. That’s not to say there’s no art to practicing sales. Much of what defines...

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Don’t Yank the Chain of Command

Why It's Necessary for Organizations, and When to Make Exceptions A chain of command, or command hierarchy, is the relationship between personnel in terms of responsibility and authority. It’s a ready-made structure for delegation of authority to accomplish the organization’s mission. That’s true...

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Deliver Tough News the Right Way

3 Things to Remember When Things Go Wrong Former BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward could have immediately and swiftly announced that the explosion of the British oil giant’s rig, Deepwater Horizon, had led to an environmental disaster that dumped 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico in...

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