Using the Gold Club to Engage and Motivate Staff

The Gold Club provides a means of recognizing and rewarding staff for achieving or exceeding superior continuous training performance. By promoting and recognizing Gold Club membership within your company, staff members will become more engaged in your training program and motivated to achieve even higher levels of performance.

Ways of promoting Gold Club membership include:

    • Recognizing staff publicly for achieving membership or some subset of membership
    • Providing additional rewards:
      • Gift cards
      • Premium parking
      • Meal vouchers or meal delivery
      • Recognition clothing

    Under Options/Gold Club, set values representing what you view as “superior” performance. Gold Club membership is shown in the user’s Learning Dashboard Achievements panel. The user can view membership for the prior month or prior year and by users, group, or team. They can also view their awards for selected periods. Gold Club membership is also available in reporting.