2024 Webinars

There is a new generation of individuals entering the workforce, and collection operations of any shape or size need to adjust their recruiting techniques and strategies to appeal to what this new generation is looking for most — work-life balance — or risk having significant difficulties hiring new employees, according to a panel of experts who recently spoke during a recent webinar.

2023 Webinars

Teaching adults is different than teaching children. It’s doubtful that anyone will question that statement. Understanding how adult learners are different from children — usually because adults need to understand the “why” behind what they are being taught — is important to companies in the ARM industry who train adults on a daily basis. Listen to and download the audio recording or view the video below.

In the fast-paced and often high-pressure world of today’s collection industry, retaining new hires is a multifaceted challenge. Companies are increasingly recognizing the need to blend flexibility, engagement, and support to keep their workforce motivated and productive, according to panelists during a recent webinar. Listen to and download the audio recording or view the video below.

Race cars, Power Rangers, there are a number of different analogies and examples that can be used to describe how all of the employees inside a collection operation need to be performing together for the operation to be successful. Looking at all of the employees inside an operation as a team can help boost performance, make sure everyone is rowing in the same direction, and keep everyone accountable, shared the panelists of a webinar on performance management. Listen to and download the audio recording or view the video below.

Performance Management - Managing Individuals to Drive for Best Results

by AccountsRecovery.net

Building an effective training program is like sending new hires back to school, and that includes trying to make the process as enjoyable and fun as possible, according to the panelists on a recent webinar who discussed different ways to make training as effective as possible. Listen to and download the audio recording or view the video below.

Building an Effective Training Program for New Collectors

by AccountsRecovery.net

Best Practices E-Books

The Best Practices compilation below includes Three Keys to Building Effective Training Programs, How to Effectively Manage Your Team for Peak Performance, Retaining New Hires in the Collection Industry: A Blend of Flexibility, Engagement, and Support, and How Microlearning Can Help Train Collectors Faster, and is a summary from the 2023 webinar series provided by Peak Revenue Learning. Links to audio and video recordings of the webinars are included.