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Below are some of the common questions we get.


While KNOWLEDGESOURCE has multiple training features, one of the most used is the implementation of ongoing regular training, creating a high level of confidence your people are maintaining their mastery of required knowledge. This is achieved by presenting bite-sized chunks of information from the employee’s job knowledge requirements that reinforce, validate, and, where necessary, rebuild what they are supposed to know.

“How else can KNOWLEDGESOURCE help us?”

You can use micro-learning strategies in KNOWLEDGESOURCE to build on concepts and knowledge that may be more difficult to master, decreasing the time to proficiency and increasing productivity.

“What is the management overhead? Does KNOWLEDGESOURCE require dedicated personnel to deploy and administer?”

No, it does not. KNOWLEDGESOURCE is designed for busy business professionals and is easy to set up, deploy, and administer.

“What does KNOWLEDGESOURCE cost?”

KNOWLEDGESOURCE costs a few dollars per month per employee. The cost, along with ease of use and deployment, make KNOWLEDGESOURCE an extraordinary value.

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