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KNOWLEDGESOURCE is an employee training platform purpose-built to help companies meet and exceed the stringent expectations of regulators, clients, consumers, and other stakeholders for high-quality, high-impact, compliant services.

What is KNOWLEDGESOURCE employee training?

Many companies are confronted with the ongoing challenge of maintaining a fully trained and highly knowledgeable workforce. These challenges include:

  • Elevated regulatory, financial, contractual, and reputational risk due to sub-optimal knowledge development and retention.
  • Employee dissatisfaction and turnover.
  • Training remote staff.

KNOWLEDGESOURCE is a cloud-based employee skills development, compliance training, and knowledge retention platform where you can:

  • Implement a continuous knowledge reinforcement training cycle.
  • Reduce the time needed for new staff to reach skills and knowledge proficiency.
  • Reinforce operational and compliance best practices.
  • Present policies & procedures as desired or on recurring schedules for review and acceptance.
  • Administer tests during learning events or at scheduled intervals to validate knowledge and certify staff.
  • Build high-impact skills and knowledge.

The fact the product is so easily customized to our needs has allowed us to add many new subjects and make modifications as compliance regulations and best practices have changed. The on-boarding of new employees is much easier.

Dick Williams – Director of Compliance and Development
ARS Collections

We were looking for something to offer for going training for our employees, and to make sure we are satisfying the requirements for compliance in this ever-changing environment. Peak Revenue checked all those boxes for us and did that with tremendous value.

Tony D. Palmer – Chief Operating Officer
Alliance Consumer Solutions

I recommend KNOWLEDGESOURCE to any agency that is implementing or enhancing its training and compliance processes.

Niel Welborn – Vice President
Todd, Bremer & Lawson

If you already have KNOWLEDGESOURCE, then you understand why we love the product. If your company hasn’t tried KNOWLEDGESOURCE yet, take a test drive to see what you’ve been missing.

Ken Moore – Recovery Operations Manager
Bull City Financial Solutions, Inc.

KNOWLEDGESOURCE is extremely flexible and allows us to roll out training on agency policies and client policies quickly and easily.

Brent D. Rollins – President
Receivable Solutions, Inc.

How would continuous training help?

Often staff members retain only a fraction of the information presented during training events. Retained knowledge begins dropping off rapidly as soon as employees leave the training environment. As a result, companies experience increased risks, consumer complaints, mistakes, and client issues. A continuous training cycle will build knowledge by moving information into long-term memory.

  • Build and retain knowledge using ‘spaced learning’.
  • Keep staff productive and not in a classroom.
  • Gain assurance that staff is building and maintaining mastery of required skills and knowledge.
  • Lower potential risks.

Spaced Learning

What is it and how does it help?


‘Focused micro-learning’ takes advantage of the ‘spacing effect’, which has proven to be one of the most effective concepts in learning improvement and knowledge retention.

In one example of continuous training, questions from job-specific knowledge requirements are randomly presented to staff members on a scheduled basis. These questions can be from regulations, data security requirements and practices, policies and procedures, or performance-enhancing skills and techniques. Use content provided with KNOWLEDGESOURCE or create your own.

Promote accountability and automatically build documentation by presenting policies of any type — client, operations, HR, security, etc. — on recurring schedules you designate. Staff members confirm they have read and understood these policies and procedures.

Include video, slideshow, or audio lessons in onboarding training. Present them independently or grouped together within training courses. Optionally, schedule lesson presentations on recurring schedules. Use lessons to reduce time to proficiency when staff members are released into their job function, or afterward to maintain focus on best practices.

Administer tests during training events to validate learning, on automatically recurring schedules to certify and document knowledge, or as part of training lessons.


KNOWLEDGESOURCE employee training will:

  • Close knowledge gaps.
  • Enhance skill mastery and decreases time to proficiency.
  • Promote accountability.
  • Uncover training opportunities.
  • Alert you to potential compliance errors.
  • Demonstrate to stakeholders your company’s proactive role in educating your workforce and preventing compliance non-conformities.

KNOWLEDGESOURCE provides managers and other leadership with:

  • Skills and knowledge deficiency reporting.
  • Detailed documentation and training records.
  • Training performance and improvement analysis.

What does KNOWLEDGESOURCE cost and what are the implementation requirements?

KNOWLEDGESOURCE is cloud-based and requires no hardware or software to be installed. Setup, deployment, and user training are fast and simple. Usage is non-disruptive. Your company can begin benefiting from enhanced skills, policy, and compliance training almost immediately.

KNOWLEDGESOURCE costs a few dollars per user per month. The low subscription cost and its ease of deployment and use make KNOWLEDGESOURCE an extraordinary value for your company.

Our guarantee:

We take the risk – if you terminate within the first 90 days of service, we will provide a full refund of all subscription fees.

We earn your business every day. If we don’t, we don’t keep it. If at any point KNOWLEDGESOURCE doesn’t meet your expectations, we provide a black-and-white, cut-and-dry, without-cause 30-day out.

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