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Training Elevated!

KNOWLEDGESOURCE is a training platform that brings together all aspects of your employee development and training needs, from compliance and job skills to internal policies and application usage. With KNOWLEDGESOURCE, you can replace the outdated model of onboarding instruction followed by annual refresher training with a model where non-disruptive, spaced, continuous micro-learning promotes much deeper learning and knowledge retention.

Harness the targeted micro-learning features of KNOWLEDGESOURCE to effectively combat the Forgetting Curve. This will enable your team members to swiftly attain and retain the essential knowledge and skills needed to consistently provide high-quality, high-impact service. Learn more about the Forgetting Curve here.

Decrease Risk

Increase Revenue

Promote Accountability

Lower Training Costs

Reduce Turnover


Our Guarantee

We take the risk – if you terminate within the first 90 days of service, we will provide a full refund of all subscription fees.

We earn your business every day. If we don’t, we don’t keep it. If at any point KNOWLEDGESOURCE doesn’t meet your expectations, we provide a black-and-white, cut-and-dry, without-cause 30-day out.

If you have used KNOWLEDGESOURCE, then you too have experienced a product that is priceless to the ARM Industry….and it just keeps getting better.

Ken Moore – Recovery Operations Manager
Bull City Financial Solutions, Inc.

Our collectors have reached a much higher level of mastery on the basic material we have presented to them in the past and we’ve also been able to expand their knowledge base considerably.

Brent D. Rollins – President
Receivable Solutions, Inc.

I’m so glad we made the decision to use Peak Revenue and I highly recommend them for anyone looking to invest in their most important asset.

Tony D. Palmer – Chief Operating Officer
Alliance Consumer Solutions

Advanced Recovery Systems has had the opportunity to use KNOWLEDGESOURCE for three years now. I am happy to say it has made a tremendous improvement in our training and compliance over that time.

Dick Williams – Director of Compliance and Development
ARS Collections

KNOWLEDGESOURCE has not only increased the mastery of compliance and policy information among our staff members, it has created an awareness and focus that wasn’t evident previously.

Niel Welborn – Vice President
Todd, Bremer & Lawson

Are you busy? Do you have too many projects? Are your resources limited? We can help you maximize the value of KNOWLEDGESOURCE!

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