Are you busy? Do you have too many projects? Are your resources limited?

We can help!

A major challenge in many organizations is when executive and management personnel are responsible for multiple areas or functions within their company but lack the time and/or resources necessary to carry out their responsibilities. One consequence of this is the organization not achieving the benefits originally sought from KNOWLEDGESOURCE.

Our implementation and content development services help busy professionals and companies maximize the impact the KNOWLEDGESOURCE training platform has on workforce skills and knowledge. These services help organizations more quickly reduce risks and issues, and increase revenue, quality, and satisfaction.

KNOWLEDGESOURCE Assist! services include:

  • Adding training content from existing company materials
  • Developing training content not currently available
  • Deployment strategies that help achieve the skills, knowledge, and documentation goals of the company
  • Bi-monthly assessment and discussion of the organization’s KNOWLEDGESOURCE utilization, results, and objectives or needs
  • Use of Assist! service hours for new or additional one-on-one administrator training

Enhance the implementation and usage of KNOWLEDGESOURCE features with our Assist! services and ensure that you achieve the benefits you envision.

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