Thanks for your product and your style of doing business. Credits, Inc. has used KnowledgeSOURCE as a training tool for a couple of years. We have found KnowledgeSOURCE to be a valuable tool in our on-going collector training. It is an engaging, effective way to reinforce our company methods and compliance standards to our staff. I wish every one of our business partners were as good to do business with as Peak Revenue Learning.

Tim Mabry
Credits, Inc.

Peak Revenue Learning’s product KnowledgeSOURCE has made a significant impact to our staffs’ retention of information related to compliance, company procedures, and policy. We are able to easily identify areas in the company, as a whole or individually, that are in need of improvement. KnowledgeSOURCE comes with a mountain of questions and topics already loaded; however, its capacity to be customized for content specific to our office has been an incredible value for us.

Michael Jeselnik
General Manager
Carter-Young, Inc.

ARS has had the pleasure of using your product for about six months. I feel it is only fair to reach out to you and let you know how impressed we are with the program and the level of service you provide. That said so many of us in the collection business are pulled in numerous directions and in the day and age of CFPB compliance this has been a blessing. We can teach and track the “basics” of FDCPA or FCRA which is wonderful and a time saver. The reporting is also a great tool and lets us know if we are progressing in our compliance objective.

I also like the fact that this product can be adapted to our individual policies and goals. To this end, we have added Cybersecurity and Handling Consumer Objections the way ARS prefers the representatives to perform. We have plans to add a correct base answer percentage for individuals to obtain to earn their monthly incentives. These features plus the small amount of time it takes daily along with the cost has made this a winner for ARS.

I would recommend anyone who has struggled with training, compliance and proper documentation to give this a serious thought. If I can ever be of help to individuals with questions, please feel free to have them contact us.

Dick Williams
Director of Compliance and Development

ARS Collections

Like many in the third-party collection agency industry, Todd, Bremer & Lawson has recognized and responded to the increasing importance of compliance management as a crucial component of a successful and competitive collection business. KnowledgeSOURCE has not only increased the mastery of compliance and policy information among our staff members, it has created an awareness and focus that wasn’t evident previously.

We increasingly see compliance management as a key competency that current and prospective clients expect an agency to have. I recently completed a RFP response that asked for a description of compliance training conducted by our agency. We feel like KnowledgeSOURCE is a differentiator and enhances our competitiveness.

I recommend KnowledgeSOURCE to any agency that is implementing or enhancing its training and compliance processes.

Niel Welborn
Vice President
Todd, Bremer & Lawson, Inc.

We've been using KnowledgeSOURCE for over six months now and the impact has been significant. Our collectors have reached a much higher level of mastery on the basic material we have presented to them in the past and we've also been able to expand their knowledge base considerably.   KnowledgeSOURCE is extremely flexible and allows us to roll out training on agency policies and client policies quickly and easily.  The reporting functions allow us to accurately determine how much of the training is absorbed and the specific areas where we need to dedicate greater attention.  

We've recently started utilizing KnowledgeSOURCE in our initial collector training as well with excellent results so far. We've been pleasantly surprised with the simplicity of the tool and the ease of integration with our existing training program.

Brent D. Rollins
Receivable Solutions, Inc.

We believe in hiring and maintaining the best trained staff available.  As part of our training program we utilize Peak Revenue Learning as a tool to always keep current regulations in front of our employees and management.

We now have both collection and administrative staff daily receiving topics on FDCPA, FCRA, HIPAA, SCRA and GLBA.  The presentation of a few topics daily allows our staff to retain more of the knowledge than what traditionally we have done in a classroom setting.  The system is easy to set up and, most definitely, easy for the staff to complete their daily assignments.  Managers are able to see how the staff responds and coach them as needed where they seem to have difficulty understanding a concept.

I am pleased to say that this is the second company I have implemented the Peak Revenue Learning methodology.  I highly recommend it to any collection agency that wants to insure compliance with today’s regulations.

Frank M. Souto
Executive Director
MedConn Collection Agency

KnowledgeSOURCE is a powerful one-stop-shop, and a vital asset to anybody looking to maximize effectiveness in combining agency education, compliance, and day-to-day overall communication. Whether it is deploying a company-wide communication or presentation, tracking test scores year over year, or proving policy and procedure acknowledgment during an audit, KnowledgeSOURCE gives the tools to accomplish an incredible amount of work in extremely short order. Most tasks are accomplished with only a few clicks, and most can then be scheduled to reoccur on their own. The software is simple and easy to use, yet comprehensive and truly an all inclusive tool and must have for anybody operating in the Compliance realm for their agency. This platform has become a culture and everyday necessity for us at all levels of our organization. 

Jeremy Felder
Chief Compliance Officer
Chase Receivables