Use Continuous Training Questions to Bring New Hires Up to Speed More Quickly

Many companies are concerned with the knowledge levels of new employees when first released into their job function. Despite on-boarding training efforts, many find these newly hired and trained employees struggle in the first days, weeks, or even months, after being released from new hire training. Increased risk of legal issues, client dissatisfaction, or missed revenue opportunities are the result.

A common method of using KNOWLEDGSOURCE continuous training questions for more experienced employees is to present users with a few questions each work day from required areas of knowledge to promote knowledge retention in these areas. By using a larger number of questions during the first several weeks in their job function, the user can be presented with information that they were taught in initial training, helping them recall what was taught and embedding it more deeply in memory and doing so much more quickly.

The following steps are an example of how this might be done:

a. Create a group(s) for the initial period users will receive more questions. Example: New Collectors.

b. When released from initial training, move the new users into the group(s) created.

c. Create a new profile by copying an existing profile or adding a new one. Example: New Collector Profile. Set ‘New Topics Per Day’ to the number of questions to be presented to new users on scheduled work days. Set the ‘Maximum Topics Per Day’ to the desired value.

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d. Assign questions to the group(s) created previously. If desired, segments of existing categories of questions can be created using the ‘Copy’ link in ‘Category/Area’ or at the ‘Topic’ level.

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e. After reaching a designated period of time or demonstrating the appropriate knowledge levels, move the users into the group(s) that more experienced users are normally attached to. Change users’ profiles to the ones typically assigned for these users.