Use News & Info Posts to Disseminate Ad-Hoc Information

Create posts in News & Info to publish ad-hoc information to all or selected staff members. This information can be for a wide variety of purposes. Examples are:

  • Revised or additional company requirements

  • Revised or additional client requirements

  • New client introduction

  • News/industry articles

  • Executive/management/supervisory editorials

  • Recognitions and rewards

  • Meetings

Posts can contain various types of content such as text, images, links, videos, and audio files.

To create a post, point at the Content menu item and select News & Info from the drop-down menu.

FDCPA Essentials

Create the post and add the desired content. Give credit, if desired or applicable, to the original publisher of the information.

FDCPA Essentials
FDCPA Essentials
FDCPA Essentials