How to be a Good Leader in 2022

Dec 27, 2021

With the new evolving landscape, it is more important than ever to be a good leader to retain employees and keep them happy. With the new year coming sooner than later, now is a great time to consider additional steps that you can take to improve your leadership skills. That said, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, 4 million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021. 

For an employer or leader of a company, this can be scary. No one wants their employees to feel unhappy enough to quit their job and lose them as an asset to the company. Now more than ever, people need effective leaders. However, you can set yourself up for leadership success in 2022 by following these tips.

Leadership can be taught

Organizations and businesses alike should understand that leadership skills can be taught. Many organizations fail to implement proper training procedures or check-ins for their leaders within a company. True leadership is about influence and not power. Command and control approaches in leadership lead to burnout and resentment. 

Leaders inspire people to action and really try to understand their place of passion. Everyone is different and a good leader understands that and tries to work with the person on what they need. The good thing is, these skills can be actively worked on and cultivated to continue to work towards success.

Improve company culture 

More people feel disconnected than ever before. With work from home posing challenges to how people are able to connect and work together, one must think outside the box. Compassionate and responsive leadership still needs to maintain a priority whether working from home or in the office. 

Set the example that each employee is still valued and the standards remain high. Of course, the landscape will be changing and there will be a new normal after the last year and a half we’ve had. Companies that implement inclusive and authentic ways of developing talent will be the ones that succeed. Everyone should be valued no matter how different they are. 

Invest in technology 

With the rise of technology everywhere, it may be a good idea to start investing in it as a leader and business. Whether it can help improve patient experience in your hospital or it allows for more teamwork in your business meetings, technology has a lot of perks. If you are a leader who can’t accept the changes that new innovations will have in the workplace, you should shift that mindset! It will help everyone in the long run.

Rise of career nomad 

Now that there’s been proof that other ways of working are possible, professionals have made it a self-promise that they won’t go back into the office ever again. Some are saying they are re-evaluating their career path and choices because the pandemic gave them a chance to slow down and really think. 

However, the fact remains: employees are standing firm in what they want. Leaders within the company ladder should be cognizant of this and understand where they are coming from. In order to have a well-organized and successful team, leaders should account for their workers’ requests. As technology continues to advance there is no reason people should be forced to sit in their office for the exact same hours every day. 

Professionals are beginning to understand that. Therefore, as a leader in 2022, there should be boundaries still with enough flexibility to make each person happy. Some people may want to work from home because they can’t afford 24-hour child care. On the other hand, someone else may be okay with coming into the office twice a week while they plan the other days at home. The point is, leaders should absolutely realize that their employees’ needs matter.

Practice empathy and compassion 

It’s been a tough year for everyone, with the political turmoil, pandemic, and disconnection weighing on many people. Therefore, it is important to practice empathy and compassion as a leader. Put yourself in other people’s shoes as often as you can. You never know what someone is going through. 

For example, if you have someone that is always hitting above and beyond their numbers but has a bad month, show some compassion for them. Maybe you can check in with them and ask them if everything is okay. The landscape is changing and people don’t want to feel guilty for under-performing when they have been successful the last couple of years they have worked. After all, we are all only human!

By Tanveer Naseer