Every industry is touched by technology, and today’s young people are the first generation to have grown up totally immersed in the internet. So, as your industry adopts new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) or big data, Generation Z is well-poised to help you use that tech to its full potential without being tied to tradition or “the way things have been always been done.”

Innovation is the lifeblood of the modern company

The senior members of your organization have a responsibility to foster the and passion that’s inherent in youth. Your younger employees, even though they may lack experience or knowledge, have the energy and new thinking your company needs to survive in this fast-paced world.

The key to success — and the key to encouraging creativity — is to get the experience of the older generations and the vigor of the younger generations to combine and complement each other.

Young, motivated employees bring out-of-the-box thinking that isn’t just nice to have — it’s absolutely vital to survive in today’s fast-paced, global . Not only does empowering young employees help build tomorrow’s leaders, but it sets the conditions for rapid innovation now. Your competitors are doing it. In fact, you can’t afford to not innovate. So, why not grab the advantage that’s right in front of you?

By Ed Macha