Wellness activities 

Workers that feel like part of a team, community, or family are more likely to be happy, healthy, and productive. Giving your workers the opportunity for activities that promote wellness as a group (or even solo) makes your business more interesting to applicants and helps you attract quality workers. These do not have to be expensive either. Group hikes, bike rides, dinner after work, or even potluck-style gatherings can do wonders for well-being and morale.

Mental health resources 

While the mental health stigma is slowly becoming a thing of the past, employees still need to feel supported by their employers to prioritize their mental well-being. Providing access to mental health resources — whether that is a counselor, mental health insurance, or similar — makes you an amazing boss and is also helpful for attracting quality workers. This helps you stand out from the crowd and shows employees your business is a terrific place to work.

Encouraging healthy lifestyles  

It is clear that healthier means happier, more productive, and generally contributes to a more cohesive workplace. The good news is this does not have to be expensive. Providing healthy snacks, emailing healthy recipes and workout routines, or allowing meditation breaks are all cost-effective ways to encourage healthy living — while attracting quality workers in the process. 


Many people like to feel appreciated. Your business can create rewards for a job well done. This can include accolades, such as an Employee of the Month award where you engrave the teammate’s name on a plaque and offer them extra time off. 

Another way to recognize a top performer is with a sincere handwritten thank-you note. 

Your business may also offer workers who excel a better parking spot or their choice of scheduling.


Attracting quality workers without paying more does not have to be difficult. There are several ways to bring in the talent your business needs without forking over more cash. In summary, these ideas are sure to bring in the right talent for your business:

  • Advertise for your ideal employee and highlight the benefits of your workplace atmosphere: Utilize social media, job boards, and your company website.
  • Be flexible: Reconsider your scheduling, meetings, and employee location.
  • Prioritize worker well-being: Provide mental health resources, wellness activities, and encourage healthy lifestyles.
  • Recognize top teammates: This can range from an Employee of the Month plaque to a better parking space.

A little more effort can bring big rewards, and you do not have to spend more money to achieve it. These strategies will attract the quality workers you need for your business to run smoothly and thrive.

By Scott Lieberman