3. Emphasize well-being 

As reported by Fast Company, “A recent study by Deloitte found that one in three employees and executives are constantly struggling with fatigue and poor mental health, with an enormous dichotomy between perception and reality. For example, only 56 percent of employees believe their company’s executives care about their well-being, while 90 percent of C-suite executives surveyed think their employees believe they are cared about.”

Managers should check in with employees regularly to gauge burnout and stress. They should create a culture where employees can feel comfortable talking to their manager about how they are feeling, and more importantly take the time to address their mental and physical health through vacation or seeking services for support.

Companies can no longer “buy” their employees. Employees are rethinking how work fits into their lives and are focused more on how their job impacts them, not just financially. Employers must prioritize employee sentiment — specifically through motivation and inspiration if they are going to retain their employees and top talent.

By Lisa First-Willis