If required years of experience were removed, more early career candidates would apply, Marino added.

On top of the job description, recruiters should shift their perspectives from hiring a resume to hiring an actual person, whose experiences extend behind the resume, said Jennifer Cooper, senior vice president of recruitment process outsourcing operations at Hueman People Solutions.

“While companies might not have an applicant with the exact years of experience that they think they need, do they have someone that’s moldable, trainable, and willing to learn?’” she added.

Marino said he’s worked with employers who aren’t requiring college degrees, and even lowering requirements to certain assessments or certifications, to allow talent to come in and learn on the job.

“Candidates are looking for, ‘What’s in it for me?’” Cooper said. “If a job posting is just a list of the job requirements, and there’s nothing enticing or intriguing to the candidate, the job definitely loses its luster.”

By Mikaela Cohen