1. People-centric leaders know who their key employees are. Can you name the top ten performers in your organization? A people-centric leader always can. He understands that he must stay abreast of the employees who create the most value for the company. He continually invests in their development and works to align their interests with the organization’s.
  2. People-centric leaders understand the importance of good managers. Finally, people-centric leaders know that good management is a rare and underappreciated art. They also know the widespread disengagement one bad manager can cause. Instead of promoting people to management willy-nilly based on how good they were in a contributor role (and therefore suffering from the Peter Principle), people-centric leaders seek out managers who will actually be good at managing, and invest in management training.

In the twenty-first century, leaders who can influence, motivate, and bring people together are the ones who will outpace their competitors. Mastering these habits is a great place to start.

By Joel Trammell