Agency Executives Share Tips to Help Hire the Best Collectors

In today’s job market, individuals can be a lot pickier about where they work. Hundreds of resumes that are submitted turn into a handful of viable candidates who actually show up for the interview, and maybe one or two people accept an offer and make it through lunch on the first day. Finding qualified individuals who can become collectors is as hard as it’s ever been. Even as collection agencies get better at sourcing new candidates, be it through referrals, job fairs, or online job sites, turning those pieces of paper into an actual living, breathing employee is no easy feat today.

Forget email: Scammers use CEO voice 'deepfakes' to con workers into wiring cash

Criminals are using AI-generated audio to impersonate a CEO's voice and con subordinates into transferring funds to a scammer's account. So-called deepfake voice attacks could be the next frontier in a scam that's cost US businesses almost $2bn over the past two years using fraudulent email. The Wall Street Journal reports that the CEO of an unnamed UK-based energy company thought he was talking on the phone with his boss, the CEO of the German parent company, who'd asked him to urgently transfer €220,000 ($243,000) to a Hungarian supplier.

The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation: 6-Steps to a Winning Lead-Gen Process

For many organizations today, lead generation is the Achilles’ heel of business development. They spend tons of money to hire closers — salespeople who are fired up and ready to close business — but they aren’t generating enough leads to keep them busy. How can your organization build a lead generation strategy that gives your team of closers a consistent flow of qualified leads? This guide answers the 6 most pressing questions about lead gen, so you can implement a process that keeps your pipeline full — and your salespeople busy closing deals.

Shot Across the Bow: “Parroting” TCPA Allegations from “Case to Case” May Be Subject to Sanctions

The Middle District of Florida just issued a sternly worded warning to TCPA plaintiffs and their counsel, stating that pre-suit investigations are a necessary pre-requisite to filing their claims – otherwise sanctions may be warranted. In Tormenia v. Lvnv Funding, 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 12662 (M.D. Fl. July 30, 2019), the court issued an order to plaintiff’s counsel demanding that they “show cause” as to why Rule 11 sanctions should not be imposed for their failure to conduct a “pre-suit ‘inquiry reasonable under the circumstances.’”

Eight Ways To Encourage Cybersecurity Compliance Among Employees

For most modern organizations, cybersecurity has become a top priority. From basic protocols like firewalls and two-factor authentication to restricted administrative and network access, companies are taking steps toward tighter security in order to avoid becoming the next victim of a corporate data breach. Where many companies struggle is ensuring that all employees understand and adhere to organizational security policies. To help you with this issue, we asked members of the Forbes Technology Council how leaders can encourage greater employee buy-in and compliance on cybersecurity procedures.

Managing Millennials, the Path to Success for Your Business

There are millions of millennials around the U.S. Despite their tainted reputation, it's time we realize the facts of what it really means to be Generation Y. Want to succeed in growing your business? Then one skill you’d be wise to learn is how to manage and motivate millennials. After all, millennials – those born roughly between 1980-2000 – are now America’s largest demographic group. While the average age of a small business owner is 50.3 years, many of your employees, not to mention customers, are 20-39 years old.

6 Interview Questions to Ask When Short on Time

Delving into a candidate’s motivators as well as asking frank, focused questions are two of the many strategies that Nanette Foster applies to her recruiting success. As the president and electrical manufacturing recruiter for Foster Conner Recruiting, Foster vets candidates for original equipment manufacturers of power transformers, distribution transformers, magnetic transformers, motors and drives, and more. One of the poignant takeaways from this month’s interviews is that, “It’s not (always) about the money.” Here are Foster’s favorite interview questions that quickly help determine candidate fit for her client companies’ positions.

This Overlooked Hiring Risk Cost an Entrepreneur $100,000 in 5 Months. Here's How You Can Avoid It

When entrepreneurs talk about the risks their businesses face, they most frequently mention concerns in areas such as capital (e.g., having enough to fund operations or growth), competition (e.g., being able to stay ahead of what their competitors are doing), or the economy (e.g., being prepared for how an economic downturn will impact sales). On occasion they mention HR-related risks, but their concerns usually focus on being able to hire people who have the skills to do what they need done - a valid concern to be sure.

Providers Flexing Their Debt Collection Muscles

With uncompensated care growing alongside the prevalence of high-deductible plans, providers are looking for ways to collect on unpaid bills. Piedmont Health is requiring patients who will responsible for their entire bill to pony up a quarter of the amount before receiving non-emergent services. Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare is in the hot seat after reports that it was sending many of its own employees—largely low-wage workers—to court to collect on thousands of dollars of medical debt. Meanwhile others, like Dignity Health are looking to streamline payment processing.

How Marketers Create a Strong Persona

Because marketing strategy encourages an accurate grasp of the needs of the customer, the process of developing and expanding this understanding can be complex. One tool used is personas…creating descriptions of customers in specific segments. I asked Randy Frisch, CMO of content experience platform Uberflip, for his take on the challenges marketers face with creating personas.

The Problems With These 5 Common Hiring Practices

There is a dark side to behavioral questions and personality tests. It’s very rare these days to get a job without going through some sort of interview process, whether it be over the phone or in a boardroom with two or three panelists grilling you about your skills and expertise. It’s a process that most professionals have accepted and have also probably spent countless hours preparing for. But how did the job interview come about, and how effective are some of the most common methods that businesses continue to rely on today?

5 Platforms That Help You Assess Candidates’ Skills

Few things are more frustrating for recruiters than discovering late in the interview process that the candidate they thought was a superstar has been exaggerating their skills. Not only do you lose out on that candidate in particular — but you also have wasted valuable time that could have been spent cultivating other candidates. But it’s not always easy for recruiters to truly assess how skilled candidates are — often, recruiters hire for positions that they aren’t intimately familiar with, so they have to take candidates more or less at face value.

Why Businesses Struggle with Email Security

Every day, in businesses around the world, the following scenario occurs: An executive assistant receives a fraudulent email, supposedly from the CEO, requesting assistance with a new project and asking when she would be able to help. This scenario can end in one of two ways. In some cases, the executive assistant is observant enough to notice that the “CEO” included a signoff at the end of the note - something she never did. This causes her to investigate the email more closely and recognize that while the name of the CEO in the heading was correct, the actual email address was not.

How to Avoid ‘Analysis Paralysis’ When Assessing Collector Productivity

It can be very easy for collection agencies to get bogged down in what is known as “analysis paralysis” when attempting to figure out the productivity of collectors, because there are so many different data points and variables that can be factored into an equation. But just because there are so many data points does not mean they are all important, and each agency is going to have to do its own calculations to figure out what works best for them, a panel of agency executives said recently during a webinar that was sponsored by Peak Revenue Learning.

7 Ways to Set Up a New Hire for Success

No one has a bigger impact on new employees’ success than the managers who hired them. Why? Because more than anyone else the hiring manager understands what his or her people need to accomplish and what it will take — skills, resources, connections — for them to become fully effective. Managers also have the biggest stake in onboarding their new hires effectively. Research has shown that being systematic in onboarding brings new employees up to speed 50% faster, which means they’re more quickly and efficiently able to contribute to achieving desired goals. Effective onboarding also dramatically reduces failure rates and increases employee engagement and retention.

Your Star Employee Just Quit. Time to Conduct These 4 Unexpected Interviews

You know the obvious steps when a great employee quits. These aren't those. Employees never cease to surprise us - in many wonderful ways. But sometimes the surprise stings, especially when they leave the company at a time you thought they were happy. This emotional topic is why high profile experts often weigh in with strategies to keep your best employees from bolting. But quit happens. And when it does, you already know the usual drill: See if you can do anything to change their mind, understand why they're leaving to ensure nothing foul is afoot, and already start forgetting them and shift focus on who can replace them.

5 Platforms That Help You Assess Candidates’ Skills

Few things are more frustrating for recruiters than discovering late in the interview process that the candidate they thought was a superstar has been exaggerating their skills. Not only do you lose out on that candidate in particular — but you also have wasted valuable time that could have been spent cultivating other candidates. But it’s not always easy for recruiters to truly assess how skilled candidates are — often, recruiters hire for positions that they aren’t intimately familiar with, so they have to take candidates more or less at face value.

The Top 5 Leadership Mistakes You Might Be Making

Avoiding common pitfalls to become a better leader. As a chief people officer, I have a front-row seat to watch some leadership careers flourish - and some crash and burn. Here are the five most critical mistakes that derail promising careers. I once worked with a leader who could never admit that he didn't know the answer to a question. There'd be a brief flash of panic in his eyes, then a hasty, "Uh ... our central office is handling that" or "That project will be done in ... six months." He was clearly making it up on the spot. In his effort to look capable, he made the situation far worse - and he no longer holds that leadership role.

Is Your Best Salesperson Sitting In Your Marketing Department?

Marketing and sales have always had an odd relationship, as they can both be synergistic and antagonistic - all at the same time. It’s not uncommon to hear marketers say that, when business is good, sales gets the credit, but when business is bad, all fingers point to marketing. And if you ask a salesperson? They may tell you that marketing spends far too much time and energy driving “squishy” brand objectives that don’t directly make a difference to the organization’s bottom line. It’s a constant back and forth between things like quality and quantity, marketing-qualified leads and sales-qualified leads and brand marketing versus direct response.

Selling: The Skill Everyone Needs

Whether you are interviewing for a job or are an established CEO, the ability to sell is critical to every career and beyond. "Selling is a life skill," said Jason Patel, the founder of Transizion, a college prep company focused on closing the opportunity divide in America. Not only does his work require making sales to a diverse range of customers, he also educates students and early-career professionals on how to use sales techniques to advance their own careers. "Broadly, everything you do requires some sort of selling: dating, pursuing a promotion, buying a house and getting a loan, among other things," Patel said. "It's part of the human condition."