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5 Elements of an Effective Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is one of the most basic and essential tools in any successful salesperson’s repertoire. A great pitch is short, straight to the point and can be a key factor for landing a sales opportunity. Typically, an elevator pitch is no longer than two minutes. It concisely describes your...

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Mobile Device Attacks Outpace Desktop Assaults

For the first time in cybercrime's history, more attacks have been waged against mobile devices than have been hurled at desktops. This seminal shift in attack strategy was recorded by researchers at LexisNexis Risk Solutions during the creation of their latest cybercrime report, "Fraud Without...

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Six Questions Sales Leaders Must Ask Themselves

We are only two months or so into the new year…and new decade. Sales leaders everywhere are universally optimistic. Should they be? Is your optimism justified? Fast forward 12 months. What's different? Will you have achieved your sales objectives? The research is clear, an overwhelming majority of...

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