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Tone and Words: Use Accurate and Precise Language

You make decisions, allocate resources, and make plans—all based on words. This is why it’s important to be mindful that your language accurately reflects a few things: Intent Meaning Severity Level of certainty Stakes Power dynamics These elements are even more important to consider if you’re...

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4 Signs Your Team Can’t Work From Home Long-Term

Adopting a permanent remote work model should not be a foregone conclusion. A recent Gartner survey of 229 HR leaders showed that 41 percent of employees are likely to work remotely at least part-time post-Covid. That's compared with 30 percent of employees who worked remotely at least part-time...

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How to Deal With Toxic Complainers: Bobby Black-Hole

The Rolling Stones sang, “You can’t always get what you want.” You can’t always choose the people you work with either. But when you have a choice, avoid relationships with toxic complainers. Danger: Negative opinions are more powerful than positive. Hanging with negative people makes you a...

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