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6 Interview Questions to Ask When Short on Time

Delving into a candidate’s motivators as well as asking frank, focused questions are two of the many strategies that Nanette Foster applies to her recruiting success. As the president and electrical manufacturing recruiter for Foster Conner Recruiting, Foster vets candidates for original equipment...

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Providers Flexing Their Debt Collection Muscles

With uncompensated care growing alongside the prevalence of high-deductible plans, providers are looking for ways to collect on unpaid bills. Piedmont Health is requiring patients who will responsible for their entire bill to pony up a quarter of the amount before receiving non-emergent services....

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How Marketers Create a Strong Persona

Because marketing strategy encourages an accurate grasp of the needs of the customer, the process of developing and expanding this understanding can be complex. One tool used is personas…creating descriptions of customers in specific segments. I asked Randy Frisch, CMO of content experience...

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The Problems With These 5 Common Hiring Practices

There is a dark side to behavioral questions and personality tests. It’s very rare these days to get a job without going through some sort of interview process, whether it be over the phone or in a boardroom with two or three panelists grilling you about your skills and expertise. It’s a process...

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